Our Story

How did Pooch Pack Dental Care begin?

Pooch Pack was born after a visit to the vet, during this visit we asked about our three year old dogs teeth, we thought the discoloration on the teeth was a crack that had begun to turn black.

We were told by the vet that it was tartar build up and it's very common in dogs. The vet told us that the vast majority of dogs over the age of three have some form of dental disease.

When we asked what the best method to deal with tartar build up and gum disease in dogs is, we were told to take our dog to the veterinary dentist when the tartar build up got a little worse. This shocked us as dog owners and dog lovers that an expensive and invasive 'treatment' was the suggested course of action, rather than preventative care, which you would assume is a much better and cheaper option.

This didn't sound like a good option, so we decided to do our own research to find alternative remedies to ward off any dental issue.

During our research we found some products that help prevent dental disease. Products such as dental chew sticks, mouthwash, toothpaste, tooth brushes and chew toys. All the products we found were expensive, even though they were expensive we decided to test some products we found to see what impact they would have on the tartar build up on our pooch. Results were very limited, if any improvement at all.

We decided dogs needed a holistic dental regime, just like humans do to maintain dental health.

This is how "Pooch Pack" was formed. We're focused on preventing dental disease for your dog not "treating it"!

Dogs don't deserve to live in the pain caused by dental disease, especially when these dental diseases can easily be avoided with our monthly delivery of dental care products.