How it Works



The Dental Care Package is a monthly delivery of all items required to maintain dental health for you dog. All orders are dispatched on the 28th of every month, orders made after that date will come with the following months delivery. 

Our system makes it super simple, no need to brush your pooches teeth (which is near impossible from our experience).

Included in the Dental Care Pack:

1. Monthly supply of Toothpaste.

2. Dental Chew Toy.

3. Monthly supply of Dental Chew Sticks.

Follow these three steps every day:

STEP 1: Squeeze a small amount of toothpaste on the dental chew toy.

STEP 2: Allow your dog to enjoy and chew on their dental chew toy for 5 - 10 minutes.

STEP 3: Trade the toy for a yummy dental treat. REPEAT DAILY!

If you find the dental care pack isn't for you, you can cancel at any time prior to your order being processed. 

Remember, all orders will be dispatched on the 28th of every month.