Dog Dental Care Kit by Pooch Pack

Dog Dental Care Kit by Pooch Pack

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What is the Pooch Pack Dental Care Kit?

The Pooch Pack Dental Kit has everything you need to improve and maintain your dogs dental health.

Our system makes it super simple to clean your dogs teeth, no need to brush your pooches teeth (which is near impossible from our experience).

Regular dental care is the most effective way to reduce dental plaque and tartar build up, giving your dog better oral health.

Our Dental Care Kit contains a durable dental chew made from sturdy natural rubber, the Dental Care Kit also contains a months supply of sugar free, natural toothpaste as well as a months supply of dental chew treats.

Dental chews on their own don't do enough to improve your dogs dental health, that's why we've developed the Dental Care Kit specifically built to improve your dogs dental health.

Pet stores charge double the price or more for similar items that are included in our dog dental care kit.

What the Dental Care Kit does for your Dogs Dental Hygiene:

  • Breaks Down and Removes Tartar Build-up
  • Helps Maintains Healthy Gums when used daily
  • Freshen your Dogs Breath
  • Stimulate your dogs mind, dogs love the stimulation they get when chewing
  • Reward your dog, with daily treat and chew toy time
  • The Dental Chews are a delicious treat, proven to clean your dogs teeth.
  • Made from high quality materials and ingredients
  • Available Sizes: Small Dog (<42lb or 19kg) or Large Dog (>43lb or 20kg)

Our Dental Care Kit is a monthly delivery, so you always have what you need to maintain your dogs dental health. This also helps remove the issue of your dog getting bored of chewing the same chew toy, as we deliver a new Dental Care Kit each month.

All orders are dispatched on the 28th of every month.

If you find the dental care kit isn't for you, you can cancel at any time prior to your


 Follow Three Steps Daily:

STEP 1: Apply a small amount of our Dog Toothpaste to each side of the Rubber Dental Chew.

STEP 2: Allow your dog to enjoy the Dental Chew for 5 - 10 minutes, this chew time allows the toothpaste and the dental chews rubber grooves to break down tartar when used daily.

STEP 3: After the 5 - 10 minutes of chew time, swap the Rubber Dental Chew for a yummy Dental Treat

Repeat this process daily, and your dogs dental health will be in tip top condition.